Other Entrepreneurial and Business Interests

In addition to creating and developing unique real estate projects, Groupe Lépine International seeks to diversify by exploring opportunities in other business ventures and interests beyond real estate. Remaining true to its entrepreneurial spirit, Groupe Lépine International investigates projects or products that provide a genuine value and/or service to consumers while remaining focused on generating positive returns to its various financial partners and stakeholders.

In this realm, as is evident from reviewing the alphabetic listing below of companies in which Groupe Lépine International has an interest, there are no constraints when exploring opportunities. Decisions about what Groupe Lépine International chooses to become involved in are guided solely on the innovation, potential marketability and profitability of each individual project, company and/or product.

Current Ventures:

•  Indigo Green Development B.V.

    Oceanfront real estate development

    in the Caribbean

•  Devco South LLC

    Real estate asset management

•  Devco Properties LLC

    Opportunistic real estate acquisition fund

•  DS Florida Realty

    Real estate brokerage services

•  GreenBuild N.V.

    General contractor in the Carribean

•  North Country Investments LLC

    Long term land financing

•  Urban Solution Buildings Corp

    Development and distribution of new

    construction technologies and

    development advisory services

Previous ventures:

•  Blue Sky Helicopters Inc.

    Helicopter leasing

•  Blue Sky Homes Inc.

    Residential general contractor

•  Destination Resorts International

    Resort development

•  Eighth Avenue Associates

    Urban condominium development

•  Hillsboro Quality Homes

    Luxury waterfront condominium


•  Ideabuena

    Internet-based venture to assist non-

    profit organizations to raise funding for


•  Maison Saint-Antoine

    Affordable urban townhome development

•  Progresso Lofts

    Urban loft development

•  Thor Development Corp

    Land holding company for future


•  Wale Capital LLC

    Venture Capital investments in new

    technology start-ups