Groupe Lépine International has been able to achieve its success due to the faith and confidence vested in it through a wide range of both private and institutional funding sources from throughout Canada, the U.S., Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

In every case, whether it is a design innovation, an accelerated production method or some other innovation, ultimately Groupe Lépine International provides increased value to the consumer through the creation of a highly marketable product. Through the development of these unique and highly marketable products, coupled with a keen focus on profitability for its financial partners, Groupe Lépine International consistently delivers positive financial returns and shareholder value.

Due to Groupe Lépine International's many projects having varying national and international presences, development time frames and geographically sensitive economic conditions, there are opportunities for participation by private or institutional funding sources. Given Groupe Lépine International's unique approach to the market and the creation of its products, the company is often receptive to discussing these opportunities.

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Investors & Financing